If you've ever had the misfortune of needing restoration work or the excitement of having home renovations conducted, you may have wondered exactly what is the difference between the two. The same contractor generally can do either as the jobs seem similar and require the same talents and tools, but they're generally referred to using different terminology. There are, however, some nuances between types of contract work.

Essential, Necessary Remodeling

Essential remodeling typically starts as a repair job in which the underlying cause needs to be addressed. An example might be you have a broken drawer in your bathroom vanity and realize the vanity is old or you never liked it anyway, so it's as good a time as any to replace it. This style of remodeling is common with older homes which are livable but need upgrades, so the owner works on each project individually as it comes up over the course of years until the house has been completely remodeled according to the homeowner's personal style and preferences.

Remodeling for Upgrades

Remodeling for upgrades is when an aspect of the house works perfectly fine, but the homeowner wants a different style. To return to the bathroom example, this would be when everything works, but you want a tile floor instead of the vinyl the bath came with, a nicer vanity, and water saving toilet and faucets. This type of upgrade is common when someone finds a great deal on an older home and buys it with the intention of having to put some work into it, or when investors buy a house to flip. The advantages of buying a house with this philosophy is you can often save a lot of money and the house is customized to the style you really like.

Restoration Needs

Restoration typically refers to repairs made after fire, flood, or storm damage occurs. Restoration work usually is completed to return the damaged area to exactly what it was before the accident occurred. Insurance is usually involved, so the contractor has to have a relationship with the insurance company and be willing to work to the standards they set, which is why contractors with a proven specialty in restoration services often also conduct remodeling jobs yet remodeling companies can't always perform restoration jobs.

Most great contractors are capable of doing any type of remodeling or restoration work, but some contractors may not want to be on call 24 hours and respond to emergencies, others may not be registered with insurance companies, and still more may not have the number of employees needed for bigger jobs. Companies such as Intelligent Design Corporation are ready and willing to take any job for which you need their services.