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For over 15 years, Intelligent Design Corporation has been helping homeowners make sure that their home systems are working properly. We don’t install a roof without making sure that the roof and attic systems are working as they should. Minnesota's winter can be extreme — when the snow blows and it gets cold, it’s key that your home has the proper venting and insulation necessary to combat against the outside elements. We are proud of our record of helping homeowners stay comfortable and look forward to working with you to help solve your home energy issues.

Begin With A Home Energy Audit

An Energy Audit of your home will provide the information necessary to devise a plan that will help you save money on utilities costs.

After performing a complete Energy Audit of your home, we will be able to offer suggestions on the steps we can take to make your home more comfortable while also saving you money on your energy bills. These steps can include sealing ducts and pipes, caulking areas, creating better ventilation, adding insulation to your walls, attic and even windows. Contact us for free visual inspection and cost estimate for home energy savings.

After The Inspection, Come Corrections

Don't let just anyone come in and just blow additional insulation into your home.  It's very important to seal all leaks, can lights, ceiling fans and other penetrations before adding insulation. This means moving the existing insulation to so that the leaks can be sealed. Also make sure that the soffit vents do not get plugged when adding insulation.

At IDC, we make sure that all of these measures are followed. One of the main reasons for the initial Energy Audit is so that after our work is completed, we can do a second audit and show you the quantitative difference in the numbers.

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