Your attic space isn’t an empty void. Aside from its obvious storage capabilities, it contains insulation—a substance that pulls its own weight and more in terms of helping to maintain your home’s internal temperature. By providing a barrier between your home’s interior and exterior, it keeps your interior comfortable no matter the season, not to mention lowers your energy bills. 

But attic insulation is far from infallible, and without the proper care, it might fail to do its job, or worse: actually damage your home! Below, Intelligent Design Corporation, Maple Grove insulation contractors, discusses a few potential insulation problems and what to do about them to keep your loved ones and property safe. 

Damp Insulation

Have you ever stepped in a puddle without waterproof boots on? Aside from the obvious horror that is having a wet sock, you’ll probably notice that your toes soon become chilled, as a damp shoe cannot insulate like its drier counterpart on the other foot. Insulation functions similarly. If, for whatever reason, it becomes damp, it won’t keep your home comfortable like it used to. 

Any number of issues can cause damp insulation, from roof leaks to poor attic ventilation. If you have any concerns, it’s good to get a residential roofing specialist out to the property, as simply replacing the insulation won’t always fix the problem; the issue must be yanked out at its root.

Moldy Insulation

Certain types of insulation can indeed harbor mold growth, either on their backing or inside the substance themselves. Generally speaking, this mold is gray or black, so it’s fairly easy to spot on pink, yellow, or white insulation; in other words, you’ll know when you have this issue. 

Though such growth may be obvious, it’s no less damaging to your home or dangerous to your loved ones because of it. Left to its own devices, mold on your insulation can quickly spread to your rafters or roof deck, compromising your roof’s structural integrity. It also can cause a myriad of health problems, according to the EPA—so if you’ve spotted something growing, seek the help of a mold remediation services provider and a roofing company to get things taken care of.

Too Much Insulation

Everything in moderation, as the old saying goes! When your attic space has too much insulation, the material can cover roofing vents, which prevents airflow in the space. In turn, humidity has no place to go and condenses on your insulation, potentially causing both of the aforementioned issues at once! An insulation contractor will be able to tell if your insulation is where it should be and present in the proper amount.

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