Meet the IDC Team - Maple Grove, MN

Meet your IDC Team

Stan Bodnar


Inna Bodnar


Adreall Dropik

Administrative Assistant

Alex Matveiciuc

Production Manager

Tony Fix

Project Manager

Stephen Lind

Project Manager

Val Kraljic

Project Manager


Chasing The American Dream

The story of Intelligent Design Corporation is that of the American Dream. IDC’s founder Stan Bodnar began his career as a construction sub-contactor in Minnesota in 2001. His extensive knowledge of the industry and strong work ethic quickly became evident as he ran several crews, specializing in windows, siding and roofs. Over time, Stan developed a vision for a company. Quickly he realized his vision. Intelligent Design Corp. was founded and Stan hit the ground running. During the early years, Stan did much of the work, from bidding to swinging the hammer. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and great communication, business boomed. Because of this success his wife Inna decided to forego her dental career and joined the team as the Office Manager, making Intelligent Design Corp a family-run business.

This husband-and-wife partnership has led to several years of growth - but not too much. Our philosophy is “to maintain good relationships with our vendors, tradesman and employees. The goodwill we nurture with these folks is passed on to you. It means that our promise to you is that you can be sure that everyone who works on your home will respect your property and neighbors.”

From Moldova to Minnesota

Inna and Stan Bodnar were born and raised in Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe slightly bigger than the state of Maryland. Their families attended the same church and Inna and Stan were both involved in the youth group. When Stan was 17 years old his family immigrated to Minnesota; Inna’s family followed a couple of years later. The two families lived near each other and once again were members of the same church. Inna and Stan became friends while working together at a local library. They also attended the same college where they were learning about American culture as well as the English language. Ultimately it was Stan’s generosity that won Inna’s heart. When Inna’s car broke down Stan offered to drive her to and from school. He also volunteered to help her fix up an old car that she had purchased. Soon after these events, Inna and Stan began dating and a year and a half later they were married. The rest is history as they say! The happy couple now has 4 children. Their strong faith and family values carry over into their thriving business. After immigrating to the United States, Stan and Inna Bodnar learned the language and culture, and after years of hard work they now run a successful business. That truly is the American dream!