Are you finally utilizing your attic to create additional living space in your home? From guest bedrooms to at-home offices, your attic holds a lot of potential. However, there are several steps you will should take prior to scheduling your attic remodel service. By completing these steps, you’ll set your remodel up for success.


1.      Understand It’s Purpose

Knowing exactly what you plan to use your attic for will help you design an accurate layout for your remodel. Take close note of your attic’s available square footage, ceiling height, and window accessibility to determine whether your vision can truly come to life.


2.      Calculate Your ROI

In order to make your remodel as effective as possible, you’ll want to consider your project’s return on investment. Take a moment to think about how much the new space will actually be used. Are you planning on renting out the additional space? Are you in need of an area to host frequent guests? Will the attic become an at-home office that you plan to use nearly everyday? These are all circumstances where your attic remodel will become a noteworthy return on investment!


3.      Consider Building Codes

There are a variety of building codes you’ll need your new living space to follow. However, adhering to these guidelines isn’t always easy for the nonprofessional. If you want to ensure your remodel will meet all building codes, hire a trained contractor to keep your project consistent with various building codes.


4.      Plumbing

Are you planning on adding a bathroom or sink to your attic? Maximize your new area’s safety and performance by hiring a professional plumber to ensure all of your plumbing needs are met with accuracy and efficiency. After all, when your remodel is complete, you won’t want to deal with faulty plumbing issues down the road.

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