As fall transitions into winter, the snow and freezing temperatures grow closer and closer to impacting homes. Winters in Minnesota are notoriously tough on homeowners’ roofs, which is why you should take the time to prepare your roof for the winter elements before they arrive.


Understanding how the winter elements can damage your roof will help you take the necessary steps to prepare your home. Intelligent Design Corp is ready to help you prepare for the winter elements with our roof repair and replacement services. There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to staying aware of winter roof damage.

Ice Damage

Minnesota homeowners are no strangers to ice in the winter. Icicles and ice dams are common forms of house damage during the winter months. Ice dams typically form when melted snow refreezes on your roof’s edges and in your gutter system. This can cause your gutters to become clogged and suffer damage.


Icicles also form when melted snow isn’t able to properly drain away from the house. Ice dams and icicles not only weigh down on your roof’s foundation but they can also pose a risk for anyone who walks below the formations. Taking the time to manage your gutters and inspect your roof prior to the winter months will help you prevent ice damage on your roof.


Snow accumulation is a common issue for homeowners in Minnesota. Once the snow starts to fall, it will continue to pile up and weigh down on your home’s roof. When the snow becomes too heavy on your roof, your roof can become severely damaged or even collapse. Keep an eye out for slopes in your roof’s surface or the sound of cracking. The roofers at Intelligent Design Corp can provide you with quick solutions to help you avoid costly damages down the road.


When snow and ice start to melt, your roof can endure an excessive amount of water. To avoid any leaks or foundation damage, schedule a professional roof inspection with our team of contractors. We’ll quickly repair any areas that could experience water damage during the winter and spring.

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