Spring is just around the corner. With it comes melting snow, and with that, water damage. Indeed, when there’s that much slush to go around, unless you have a perfectly maintained exterior, it’s hard to keep things weathertight. In addition, your home is also vulnerable to specific sources of water damage year-round, so how do you keep it all straight?

Knowing where the water is coming from is key to calling the right pro, after all, so Intelligent Design Corporation, Maple Grove home restoration experts, is here to help. Below, you’ll discover a few tips surrounding sleuthing out the source of that troublesome trickle.

Listen Up!

If you notice water accumulation in your home, pause for a moment and listen closely. If a leaky pipe is causing the issue, you’ll most likely hear a soft hissing or dripping sound. You’ll then know to shut off the water line and call a plumber and water damage restoration professional for further instruction. Leaks from other, outside sources, such as a faulty building envelope, generally won’t make nearly as much noise.

Watch the Size of the Stain

It can be tricky to differentiate a roofing leak from a plumbing leak. After all, both can cause ceiling stains, and both can be equally damaging.

The key here, though, is in the size of the stain. If it tends to shift, grow, and change with the weather, you most likely have a roofing leak. Plumbing leaks, since the system responsible is generally in constant use, tend to grow larger steadily instead of growing and shrinking—though there are exceptions. Either way, you’ll need to contact restoration services quickly, and perhaps a general contractor to do some storm damage repair.

Look High and Low

Water follows the path of least resistance; it’s subject to the laws of gravity just like anything else. What this means in terms of your water damage: just because it’s in one isolated area doesn’t mean that that’s where it’s stemming from. Plumbing work can run every which way, and it’s not uncommon for a leak on a second floor to, say, show up in the form of a stain on the first. Ferreting out a leak’s source can oftentimes get more complicated than it might look at first glance.


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