As the weather warms, you’re likely looking forward to opening your windows for the first time in months—but you should be thinking about them in other ways, too! As the temperature slowly climbs, so too will your energy bills after a time. Your windows play a huge role in determining the extent in which this happens, so you’d be wise to consider their health. 

Intelligent Design Corporation, Maple Grove window installation and home restoration experts, is here to help you save this year. Below, we discuss how your windows can influence how much or how little you spend on your energy so that you can make smart decisions about them.


While you may think only attic insulation is the main factor in maintaining your home’s draft protections, windows play a key role in this system as well. Windows provide a barrier between your home’s interior and exterior, maintaining the environment’s temperature. 

Modern-day windows accomplish this using the layer of special gas they have between their panes, which is why double-pane and triple-pane windows rank higher in energy efficiency than their single-pane counterparts. The secret isn’t in the number of panes—it’s in the amount of gas that can fit between them.


No matter how hot or cold it is outside, your windows still let in sunlight—natural lighting is the whole point, after all. A given window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) denotes its ability to manage the heat that comes with that sunlight using a number between zero and one. Check out the United States Department of Energy’s guide to energy efficient windows for a slightly more in-depth look! 

What SHGC rating will save you the most on your energy bills depends on a variety of factors, an important one being location. Minnesotans can benefit from different window installations than folks from, say, Texas, simply thanks to prevailing sunlight tendencies and climate. Interestingly enough, what side of the house a given window is on also can be of influence.


A well-maintained window or door installation shouldn’t be drafty—if it is, that can drastically hike your energy bills for obvious reasons. If you suspect your home harbors drafts, check out this guide from the United States Department of Energy on how to find them. 

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