Stucco is a siding type that’s seen most often in warmer climates, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit your Minnesota home! For the right family, this traditional siding type can be everything they need out of an exterior renovation and more. Plus, with undeniable charm, it’s sure to make your home stand out.

As your preferred Maple Grove siding contractor, Intelligent Design Corporation is here to help you find the siding of your dreams. Below, you’ll learn all you need to know about stucco before you settle on it as your material of choice.

Stucco Is Wonderfully Decorative

Stucco is an excellent siding choice for homeowners looking to add a Tudor-esque aesthetic to their houses. It’s lime, sand, water, and cement ingriedients allow it to be sculpted before it dries. This opens the door to a variety of design opportunities, allowing you completely personalize your home’s appearance.

Stucco’s pliability also means that it can be finished in a variety of ways. For example, a “spatter dash” finish involves using a tool to toss stucco onto a structure for an effortlessly chic look. If that’s not quite your style, this material can also be left plain, whitewashed, or made to look like an entirely different material altogether—it’s up to you!

Stucco Is Practically Pest-Proof

Know any bugs or birds that like to chew on sand, lime, or cement? We didn’t think so! Stucco’s unique composition keeps such pests away simply because it’s not a viable food source—but it’s strong enough to stand up to vermin in other ways, too. Small mammals looking for a home to stay in the winter, for example, won’t be able to chew through it, giving you worry-free protection.

Stucco Is Tough and Long-Lasting

In addition to its pest-proof prowess, stucco is strong against a variety of other hazards, too. Any siding company will tell you that the stuff doesn’t burn well, for one; in a disastrous situation, your needs for fire damage restoration will probably be low as far as your siding is concerned. It’s also fairly fade-free. Because the color is blended throughout the material, with the right maintenance, your stucco siding can stay looking phenomenal for years.

On top of all that, who can question the physical durability of a material partially composed of cement?


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