Minnesota homeowners often experience similar problems with the siding on their homes. Intelligent Design has been a leader in the siding industry for over 15 years in the region. We know siding. We know how challenging siding projects can be and are experienced in preventing damage to landscaping and windows during installation. Below are some of the more common siding problems homeowners experience.


Noisy Siding

Do you hear creaking or rattling sounds when the temperature changes or it’s windy? It is likely your vinyl siding was improperly installed. If the vinyl is installed too tight, cracking can be heard as the siding expands and contracts when the temperature goes up and down. If you hear rattling it’s likely the siding was not fastened properly to the home during installation. This problem can also be damage from very high winds or a natural disaster.



Precautions are taken when installing siding to prevent moisture from seeping through to the home structure. Vinyl always expands and contracts so a barrier is applied between the wall and the siding. Wood siding is affixed in a way that is tightly installed to prevent moisture from getting through. Unfortunately, if the siding is in a shady area where water doesn’t evaporate fast enough, this can cause moisture problems inside the home.


Fading Siding Color

Fading and discoloration are primarily aesthetic problems. However, over time it can lead to more damage to the material, such as cracking. Prolonged sunlight exposure and extensive shade both play a factor in fading the color of your siding. This inconsistency in color will make your siding look older and decrease the curb appeal of your home.


Cracks in the Siding

Cracks in siding are common. There are a variety of possible causes such as object impact, improper maintenance of wood siding, weather damage, and sunlight exposure. Over time, cracks can allow moisture to enter the home, which can lead to mold—a much more serious and expensive problem to fix. This is more common with wood siding.


Intelligent Design Can Help Fix Your Siding

Contact us for all things siding related. If you are experiencing any of the above problems, we can help! We offer free, no-obligation inspections of your siding if you suspect damage from hail or wind. Intelligent Design provides siding services to residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule an inspection, call us today at 763-315-0745, or you can message us on our contact page.