You need an expert siding contractor for your vinyl siding replacement. Intelligent Design gives you these expert tips to insure the success of your vinyl siding replacement.  Every vinyl job is different. Vinyl siding is a cost effective and energy efficient way to beautify your home.  Replacing the vinyl siding is important to keep your home looking and performing its best.


Time to Do Your Homework!

Before you start your project, you need to research products available out on the market. We have information on the different types of siding, warranties available, types of finishes, colors, and texture options. Your neighborhood may also have restrictions on the exterior finish of your home. By researching all of the facts ahead of time, it will save you time and money on your vinyl siding replacement.


Do it Right the First Time

Many homeowners attempt DIY projects on their home to save money. When it comes to vinyl siding, having a professional complete the work insures a good, watertight installation of your siding. Professional siding contractors will also be able to repair or upgrade the structure under your siding. Having a level and straight installation is also important. With long horizontal runs of siding, even small errors will show.  The last thing you want is seeing crooked siding installation. 


Set Your Budget for Your Vinyl Siding Replacement

Vinyl siding has different grades and thicknesses that will fit any budget. When you are deciding what to spend there are some considerations:


How Long Will You Own Your Home? If you live in a starter home, chances are you will sell your home to upgrade to something larger in the future. You can spend less on a lower grade of siding when you don’t plan on owning your home for long. If you are in your “forever home,” you will need to get a high-quality siding that will not need replacement while you own your home.


Take Weather Conditions Into Account. Here in the Minneapolis area, we can have very extreme winters. A siding professional can recommend the best siding for the area you live in. The right siding can increase the energy efficiency of your home. A cheap siding that you will need to replace in a few years will cost more in the long run than a high-quality vinyl siding.


Intelligent Design is Your Vinyl Siding Replacement Expert

We will inspect your siding, and give you a free estimate on replacement of your vinyl siding.  Intelligent Design has been a licensed and insured siding contractor in the Minneapolis area since 2001. Give us a call for your vinyl siding replacement at 763-315-0745, or you can message us on our contact page.