Does your basement, bathroom, or hallway suffer from “small space syndrome?” You know what we’re talking about—when the area is objectively not tiny, per se, but it feels claustrophobic, dark, and gloomy, like a nook that hasn’t been used in years. If this is the case, you probably resent not getting the most out of your home.

The good news is, though, that there’s plenty a little renovation can do to open up these sorts of spaces and give you a little more room to breathe. A fresh coat of paint, for example, does wonders to brighten up a room—but only if it’s in the right color. Intelligent Design Corporation, your Maple Grove provider of home restoration, painting services, and more, has a few suggestions below.


Yes, it may be the obvious choice, but nothing expands a space more than a coat of bright, sparkling white paint. Its clean look goes with all sorts of styles, from farmhouse to contemporary, and you’ll have no issues matching furniture to it! Perhaps the only downside to this color is that any scratch, ding, dent, or stain shows up quite starkly, so you’ll need to take care not to treat it too roughly.

But other than that, it’s standard fare for those looking to open up a room—and for more than good reason.


Is white a little too boring for your tastes? Consider getting adventurous! Yellow is trending as of late, and it can really bring a refreshing ray of sunshine into even the drabbest, tiniest of rooms. To make sure you don’t go too eye-blindingly bright, recommends that you pair the paint color with white trim to tone it down a bit. The site also advises avoiding high levels of saturation—in its words, “think banana or dandelion, not neon.”

Soft Pastels

There’s something so charmingly breezy about a room decked out in pastels, and these hues have certainly been of interest in many design fields in recent times. Puffy, a site that specializes in bedroom decor, recommends sages, powder blues, and pinks if you’re looking to go pastel—though we think these colors can easily be used in any space that needs a bit more “open air,” so to speak.


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