It may come to your surprise that the water used to control a house fire can do just as much damage as the fire itself. While it contains and eventually defeats the disaster, it can leave your treasured belongings soaked—and soaked is better than burned beyond measure, but it still can lead to mold and staining down the line.


Intelligent Design Corporation is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. In addition to our top-notch water damage restoration services, we provide everything else you need to recover your beloved home after a fire—including the not-so-obvious action items below.

Plan to Have Walls Replaced

Yes, even if they’re still standing. Drywall and insulation when penetrated by water, cannot be “dried out,” according to the Red Cross, and it thus makes itself the perfect home for mildew, odors, and some very nasty stains. Which walls will need replacement depends on the extent of the fire and the water used to put it out; only a professional with intricate knowledge of water damage and what it affects will be able to give you a situationally appropriate answer.

Contact Insurance Before Opting for Professional Water Damage Remediation

Once you’ve gotten your family to safety and found a place to sleep for the night, it’s time to give your insurance company a call. Homeowners insurance is a complex topic, with a variety of extra coverage options you can buy; you may or may not have your fire and water damage covered.


It’s why speaking with an insurance agent, not just reading your policy and hoping for the best, is so important. They’ll be able to let you know how much or little you can spend on repairing your home so you don’t add financial woes to your water damage repair situation.

Control the Water Damage Until Help Arrives

Once you’ve gotten the financial situation under control—or even simultaneously—you can start safe and immediate damage remediation until a professional water damage repair crew arrives, provided your home is safe to enter.


Wear PPE while you do this, as soot can be damaging to your respiratory system, and never enter any pools of water if your electrical is still on. If the fire damage is minimal, you may be able to open the windows to air out your home, and your cabinets to air out their contents. You can also remove wet rugs and belongings from the floors.

Intelligent Design Corporation: Here for Your Fire Restoration Needs

When water damage after a fire has your home in shambles, we’re here to help get your day-to-day life back on track. Give our Maple Grove office a call today at 763-315-0745.