Fire and water damage can leave you feeling hopeless. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be wondering where you can even start to get your home back to a dependable and durable state. Fortunately, when you work with a team like the one at Intelligent Design Corp, you can rest assured that we’ll help you pick up the pieces and ensure you get the most out of your insurance plan.


We provide our customers with fire and water damage assistance using a process consisting of several steps. These steps will help you take control of the damage and apply an effective solution. To work with Intelligent Design Corp for your restoration needs, contact us today.


We start the process off by providing you with a representative who will go over all of the damage with you. Our representative will assist you with documentation and photographing. Once you contact your insurance provider, we’ll be able to assist you by sharing key information with them.


After assessing the damage, we’ll immediately repair any emergencies on the site. Emergency repairs consist of repairing damage that is threatening to the rest of your property. We will document any emergency repairs we apply for your insurance company’s reference.


Shortly after applying emergency repairs, our representative will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that all necessary repairs and forms of damage are brought to their attention. Using our expertise and thorough documentation, we’ll take the steps necessary to completely inform the adjuster.


After meeting with the adjuster, your insurance company will likely issue you a check for immediate repairs. You’ll also recieve a Loss Claim that will detail all damaged areas on your property. Your Intelligent Design Corp representative will help you go through all aspects of your Loss Claim so that no important details are missed.


Finally, the professional contractors at Intelligent Design Corp will thoroughly repair and restore all damaged areas on your property. We’ll report our repairs to your insurance company so that everything is efficient on your final check.

Contact Intelligent Design Corp For Your Restoration Needs

At Intelligent Design Corp, we want homeowners to feel safe and at ease in times of natural disasters. If you find yourself facing the effects of fire and water damage, IDC is ready to assit. To speak with one our team members about your resotraiton needs, contact us today at 763-315-0745.