At Intelligent Design Corporation, we’re fire damage restoration experts—which means we see our fair share of household disasters. Though we’re always there to help you recover afterwards, we’d also love to see fewer of these disasters happen in the first place. Fires are devastating, needless to say, and the water damage that follows after putting them out can be equally so.


Luckily, many common causes of house fires are easily preventable with a little information and forethought. Below, our fire restoration pros discuss a few of the leading causes, as well as how to stop them from progressing into something dire.


The National Fire Protection Association, which has its mission right in its name, lists this as one of the top causes of house fires—in fact, it states that it was the number-one culprit of home fires and home-fire-related injuries in 2015-2019. During those years, it also reports that it was the second leading cause of house-fire-related deaths. In short: it pays to be careful while you’re cooking!


Have your stove and oven regularly serviced to keep them running smoothly and safely, and always stay in the same room as a fire you have ignited. Additionally, should you find yourself with a grease fire on your hands, don’t use water, as this just makes things worse. Instead, if you feel it is safe to do so, try to cut off the flame’s oxygen supply with a pan lid—which is why it’s always a good idea to keep them around while you work.


Electricity is all around us and a huge part of our day-to-day lives. You’re reading this blog post on something that uses the very stuff! But because it’s such a prominent feature of modern living, electricity is also responsible for its fair share of fires.


Common locations for such fires to occur are the attic and bedroom. Keep your home’s exterior, such as its siding and roofing, strong to prevent pests from holing up beneath your roof and chewing on cords there. As for bedroom fires, make sure all electronics are off before you turn in for the night.


Yes, the ambiance one provides is beautiful—which makes a candle deceptively harmless-looking. It’s an open flame that, with a single accidental movement or one nosy pet, could result in a costly spot of fire damage. Never leave candles unattended. It takes just a breath to put one out, but just a moment of carelessness for a fire to spread out of control.

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