When you hire a professional roofing contractor to take on a roofing job for your home, it’s important to ensure you understand exactly what the contractor plans to do. Because of this, you should feel confident asking your contractor any questions you may have throughout the process. At Intelligent Design Corp, we provide our customers with thorough communication to enhance their confidence in our work.

There are several questions you can have prepared for your contractor prior to the beginning of your roofing project. These questions will help you feel confident in knowing exactly what your roofing job entails.


●        Will this project require complete removal of the old roof?

This is an important question because while some roofing jobs do require the removal of the entire old roof, not every roofing project does have this same requirement. Whether or not your entire roof needs to be replaced can determine how long the project will last and the overall cost of the project. Additionally, knowing when your roof will need replacement can give you a better understanding of the current state your roof is in. 

●        What can we expect during bad weather?

Changes in weather can impact the timeline of your roofing project. Prior to having a contractor start repairing your roof, you should ask them what will happen in terms of rain, hail, and other weather conditions. A contractor may have a unique approach and wait time in between storms and rain. Asking this question can give you a good idea of how the process will unfold in moments of unforeseen weather. 

●        What is the Roof’s Warranty?

Prior to installing the new roof, you may want to ask your contractor about the warranty that will come with the addition. Depending on the level of involvement with your project, your warranty may differ depending on the project. You should have a good understanding of your roof’s warranty in case any unforeseen damage occurs to your new roof. 

●        How Will my Landscape be Protected?

A roofing project can bring large objects down on your surrounding property and cause damage to your landscape. You should take the time to inquire about how your roofing contractor intends to protect your home’s landscaping. Surrounding shrubs, flowers, and trees should remain safe throughout the duration of the project.


When working with a trustworthy and dependable contractor such as Intelligent Design Corp, you can rest assured the project will run smoothly and efficiently. However, ensuring you take the time to ask your contractor the questions you have about the project can provide you with a peace of mind. A good contractor will happily answer any questions you have with honesty and integrity. 

To work with a reputable contractor with top-notch communication skills, contact Intelligent Design Corp today at 763-315-0745. We look forward to helping you get the roof you need on your home.