There are many possibilities when it comes to remodeling an attic. When done properly, the attic can serve as an important area in your house. Whether you want to remodel the space to serve as another bedroom or you want another entertainment room, working with a professional contracting company, such as Intelligent Design Corp, can make your visions a reality.


There are several steps to consider prior to taking on your attic remodeling project. By taking the time to follow these steps, you’ll have an easier time achieving the results you want.


●        Consider Why You Want to Renovate

The first (and perhaps most obvious) step to remodeling your attic is understanding the end goal with the remodel. By having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your attic remodel, you’ll be able to give contractors and other project managers clear instructions and visuals. The Intelligent Design Corp team will work with you to ensure all of the details are feasible and understood.


●        Understand the ROI

Adding an additional room to your house with an attic remodel is an effective way to enhance the value of your home. Many homeowners experience a noteworthy return on investment with their remodels. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, consider how an attic remodel will impact your success with selling.


●        Consider Building Codes

Because attics are unique areas of the house, its important to consider residential building codes prior to starting the remodel. Attics tend to have lower ceilings and less accessible windows. Speak with your contractor at Intelligent Design Corp to stay ahead of any potential issues that result from codes. You can work with your contractor to understand if there are any necessary changes that need to be made to the design plan.


●        Plumbing Options

If you want to have running water or an operating toilet in your remodeled attic, you should speak with a plumber to ensure you have the proper pipe system. A plumber can ensure your remodeling project is ready for success.


By taking the time to consider these steps, you can help your remodeling project go smoother and more efficiently. If you require assistance with any of these steps, Intelligent Design Corp is happy to help. We’ll provide you with expert guidance and communication throughout your entire project.

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