When working with a siding contractor to spruce up your home, all the brands at your disposal can be a little overwhelming. While your preferred pro will help you in the right direction, you still want to play an active role in deciding what goes onto the side of your home—but how can you do that when all siding brands sound like the perfect fit?

Intelligent Design Corporation is here to help. Below, we’ll dive into one of our personal favorite siding brands—James Hardie—to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home and family.

James Hardie Siding Is Hardy

The first thing you need to know about James Hardie siding: it’s tough. Really tough. In fact, according to the brand’s official website, it’s tough against everything from rot to pests to even house fires! James Hardie truly makes a siding that’s ready for anything.

This substantial toughness is due in large part to the siding’s composition: fiber cement. James Hardie siding is made up of cellulose fibers, Portland cement (the same stuff that’s in concrete), sand, water, and performance-enhancing additives, according to the company’s blog. This unique combination of ingredients is engineered to stand up to harsh climates and is inherently unappealing to wood-eating pests like termites or woodpeckers.

James Hardie Siding Comes in a Variety of Designs

You might think that such a tough siding type has to compromise somewhere, but James Hardie siding sees no need. In terms of cosmetics, the brand is incredibly versatile, stocking everything from shingle-look products to traditional horizontal styles. No matter the look you choose, your siding comes with that same unparalleled James Hardie strength.

Plus, James Hardie’s products offer a practically photorealistic faux-wood finish. You can have the durability and worry-free protection of fiber cement siding while also enjoying a tasteful and classical look.

James Hardie Is a Siding Company you Can Trust

Take it from a team of siding contractors: this company has been a trusted brand in the siding industry for years—in fact, it claims to have actually invented fiber cement siding! You can feel good investing in a product whose company has a history that’s traceable back to the 1800s.

On top of its long history, James Hardie has invested massively in research and development. Not only is this a brand with a record of great performance, but it takes steps to make sure it keeps up that record going into the future. Talk about trustworthy!

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