If your attic is a currently uninhabited space filled with fluffy insulation and not much else, you are not alone. Tons of Minnesotna families put this space under the “unusable” category—but it doesn’t need to be this way! With a little bit of TLC from the home remodeling pros, you too can make your attic space into one that’s a pleasure to be in.

Intelligent Design Corporation, your one-stop shop for everything from home remodeling to deck building, is here with some attic inspiration below.

Get a Fixed Stairway Added ASAP

Most, if not all, unused attics aren’t easy to access, often requiring a ladder or rope to climb up there. Unless you’d love the hassle of pulling that out every day, and we don’t know anyone who does, you will most likely want to begin your home remodeling process by adding a set of stairs.

If you’re worried about space, that’s understandable; not everyone has the room nor desire to invest in an entirely new staircase! Luckily, pull-down models are available. They’re a bit like stylish ladders that remain attached to the attic above and fold away neatly when not in use. For frequently-used attics, though, you may want to invest in something a little more permanent.

Make Good Use of Windows

Attics are awesome when it comes to adding more space to your living situation, but they don’t always feel roomy on their own. That’s why you’ll want to invest in some window installation to open up the space a bit and make it look brighter.

It’s crucial that you use cold-and-heat-hardy window models in your attic, as it’s exposed on many sides to outdoor temperatures. Your window installation pro can take you in the right direction.

Use Flooring to Open Up the Space

When it comes to creating that open, breezy vibe—or at least beating back feeling cramped—you’ve got more than one weapon at your disposal. Light-colored floorings with lots of parallel lines make a space seem larger and allow occupants a little more elbow room, even if that elbow room strictly comes from the space’s impression and not its actual size. Consider light tans and grey washes for the best results.

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