Following a disaster, the last thing you want to deal with is a disaster restoration company that can't handle your recovery. You want a team of professionals ready to get to work after assessing the extent of the damage. 

At Intelligent Design Corporation (IDC), we want that for you too. To help you determine the restoration company that's perfect for you, we've created the list below.

Tip #1: Document All Damage for Insurance

Before you begin your search for a restoration company, you should take the time to document and report all of the damage in and on your property to your insurance company. 

This will allow you to hire a restoration company with a good understanding of your insurance coverage and the potential restoration services you need.

Tip #2: Choose a Company With Experience in Complete Restoration

When you are restoring your home from a disaster or a fire, you want the project completed right. You also want it completed according to the agreed-upon schedule. 

When you work with a company with years of experience, you'll likely choose a company capable of doing the work within the specified time frame.

Tip #3: Ask About Restoration Certifications

Many restoration companies are licensed and certified. Their team of restoration professionals has taken classes that teach them industry best practices. 

As such, you should only hire professionals with licenses and certificates. If you settle for less, you could deliver subpar work, increasing your chances of a legal battle afterward.

Tip #4: Ensure They Will Accommodate Your Budget

In most cases, your home insurance will pay for your restoration costs. If you don't have insurance or if your insurance coverage doesn't cover your loss, then your budget is a top priority. 

You should review the company's plans to ensure no additional services are added to the contract outside the scope of the work you need.

Tip #5: Ask for a Guarantee

Whether you are getting disaster restoration following a fire or a tornado, you need a guarantee. A home restoration company that provides top-notch quality will guarantee their work for a certain time. If they don't, then you should choose another company.

When disaster strikes and your home's state is compromised, you may feel at a loss for what to do next. To get your home back to a comfortable and safe state quickly, you'll need to find a restoration company that's reliable and trustworthy.

Tip #6: Prioritize Excellent Availability & Communication

There's no telling when disaster will strike, so hiring a company that works in emergencies is ideal. Look for restoration companies that provide 24/7 emergency contact information and response services. These are the companies that you can count on to be at your assistance when you need it most. 

With 24/7 emergency response, you can better protect your home and prevent any severe damage from impacting it.

Tip #7: Look for Free, Straightforward Quotes

Knowing exactly what service your home requires and the total cost is essential to getting the services you need. A restoration company shouldn't charge you for a professional inspection or estimate of the damage. 

A trustworthy and reliable contracting company that cares about your home's safety and state will provide a hassle-free quote free of hidden fees and other unwanted surprises.

Tip #8: Choose Professionals Who Are Flexible & Versatile

Damage doesn't come in one single shape or size. From fires to flooding, your house can become damaged in various ways. When you're looking for a reliable restoration company, take the time to ensure that they offer the versatile restoration services you need to get your home back to a safe and comfortable state. 

Your choice restoration company should be able to seamlessly transition between rebuilding after a fire and removing mold after a flood.

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Our approach to disaster restoration ensures that we don't miss steps in our efforts to get you back into your home quickly. We'll update you step-by-step during the process and answer any questions you may have.

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