As much time and effort as you put into taking care of your home as a comfortable space for your family on a daily basis and to maintain a welcoming invitation for friends and guests, there are occasions in which situations outside of your control can cause damage which has to be repaired. Whether the damage your home suffers is minor or entails major renovations as repairs, an experienced contractor can guide you through the process of home repair with the minimum of worries until your house is like new again.

Storm Damage

You may enjoy a nice rainfall to cool a hot summer day, but sometimes summer storms aren’t so nice. The exterior of your house can take a beating from a heavy storm and the winds and hail which may come with it. Additionally, if branches are knocked off trees they can and will damage your house, and in a worst case scenario the entire tree can fall. Such damage isn’t the end of the house as an experienced contractor can make the required repairs and have your house back to new so you can continue to live your life as planned when the home was initially bought.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is a different topic than storms. Fires are an accidental occurrence, in some cases caused by a forgotten stove but more typically a bad electric connection or clogged exhaust vent, things you had no way of knowing about. Regardless of how a fire started, the damage can be extensive. The smoke usually spreads throughout the house, leaving horrible smells in rooms which weren’t directly affected by the fire. The room where the fire occurred typically has to be completely gutted and rebuilt in order to replace damage throughout the walls and all their components as caused structurally and cosmetically.

Flood Damage

Flood damage is an opposite cause than fires but ends with the same types of problems. Water damage penetrates through the walls and damages drywall, insulation, electric wiring, and structural building elements. Damage from flooding isn’t necessarily finished once you think the water has dried out, as any moisture remaining will continue to cause damage along with mold growth which is a separate issue in its own right which requires being addressed immediately once allowed to spread.

Damage is unfortunate and frustrating, but is a fact of life for all homeowners. If your house never sustained damage requiring repairs, you wouldn’t be required by the mortgage company to maintain insurance in order to protect the investment. For an experienced contractor, however, what looks like horrible damage to your home is a simple repair and just another day at the job.