Decks have become a part of nearly every modern house because they add an extra living space, essentially another room, when the weather permits being outside to enjoy the fresh air. People with outgoing personalities tend to have friends who visit regularly and use their decks for entertaining. Family oriented people like to use a deck for grilling in order to make cooking dinner a family event, and more introverted types like to quietly read or take a nap in the peaceful comfort of the outside fresh air. Any deck is suitable for each of those purposes, or a deck can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Custom Deck Designed and Built

Any basic deck can be customized through your choice of furniture and decorations. On the other hand, your deck can be more personalized with custom design features built into it. The size of the deck is often determined by its position relative to the house but can custom tailored to suit your needs. The railing can be a very basic style or can be quite elaborate and made of any variety of wood, plastic or wrought iron. The steps can subtly provide utilitarian access to the yard or can be designed to provide a sense of continuity in which your deck and yard feel as if they smoothly flow one to the other. The only limit to your deck’s design is that imposed by your creativity and imagination.

Traditional Wood and Modern Decking Materials

Generally speaking, the type of deck most people consider “typical” is made of pressure treated lumber, spruce injected with a chemical solution to provide superior weather resistance. After about nine months to a year it needs to be retreated with a sealant, stain and varnish, or paint according to your preference. Other common woods include cedar, mahogany or teak, although the deck can be built of any number of North American or exotic strains of wood.

If the idea of maintaining real wood annually doesn’t appeal to you, decks can also be made of plastics which only require you to spray them with a hose to clean in order for them to be as good as new again. Certain PVC’s can provide a futuristic sheer design or composites can simulate a traditional wood grain. In some cases metal, stone or ceramic tile can be used as part of the base design or for decorative accents. Simply tell your ideas to your designer or contractor and listen to their feedback and you’ll end up with a deck perfectly suited to your personality.