Getting optimal sunshine during the summer months is a goal among many Minnesotans. However, between busy work schedules and other responsibilities, getting outside every day isn’t always an achievable goal. Bring the beauty of sunlight into your own home with a sunroom!


Bright and beautiful sunrooms are an excellent addition to any home. There are several benefits sunrooms provide that make them such a popular renovation project for many homeowners.


Increased Home Market Value

Sunrooms add space to your home which, in return, adds an increase in its marketability! Because of their beautiful and calming aesthetic, sunrooms are often also high on buyers’ lists of must-haves while looking for a home. If you’re hoping to sell your home in the future, consider adding a sunroom to its layout!


Advanced Natural Lighting

When you’re in need of some beautiful natural lighting but don’t have time to drive to the lake or go on a hike, a sunroom can give you the sunshine fix you need — right at home! Sunrooms are an excellent addition for homeowners who are looking for a highly effective way of advancing the natural lighting in their homes.


Experience All Types of Weather

Thunderstorms can be a calming and awe-inspiring source of entertainment for many people. With a sunroom, you’ll be able to fully experience all types of weather while staying dry and comfortable in your own home. Cozy up with a blanket, a warm drink, and your family members to watch nature’s greatest performances.


Utilize the Area for Hobbies and Gatherings

A room filled with natural lighting and surrounded by nature may just be the inspiration you need to paint an elegant piece, play beautiful music, or get lost in an enchanting book. A sunroom provides homeowners with additional space to enjoy their hobbies and creative interests. Additionally, a sunroom can make the ideal environment to host gatherings and events such as bridal showers and family get-togethers.

Minnesota’s Trusted Sunroom Contractors

At Intelligent Design Corp, we’re proud to supply homeowners with the contracting services they need to achieve their dream homes. We bring five-star experience and craftsmanship to every sunroom construction project. We’ll work with you to design, build, and install the sunroom you’ve always wanted. Ready to get started? Contact us today at 763-315-0745.