Roof leaks might take time to develop, but they’re often discovered when it’s too late. A leaky roof is damaging to a home, and it can cost a lot to repair. Rather than wait until the roof leaks, take some time to focus on prevention. Preventing roof leaks isn’t hard; it gets easier the more you’re on top of it.

We’re covering our best roof leak prevention ideas below. If you get into a bad spot, call Intelligent Design Corp. Our technicians are trained to handle leaky business, and we’re always ready to restore soggy ceilings. Before you do, though, brush up on these great tips.

Tip One: Caulk the Chimney

A lot of homeowners assume the ceiling is a leaky safe space. While most ceilings are built with leak prevention in mind, a lot suffer wet spots due to lacking caulk. Get your chimney caulked, and make sure the technicians know about any problem areas. Check for cracks often, and keep the shutters functional.

Tip Two: Clear the Gutters

When a storm rolls through, your gutters are important tools for water misdirection, wall protection, and roof relief. Clean them often, removing leaves, dirt, old water, and mold. Otherwise, you might experience less drainage. Clogged gutters can overflow, dumping water into your home’s walls.

Tip Three: Trim the Trees

Overgrown tree branches can dump water across your roof. Trim them often, and keep any loose branches away from the gutters. If you know a storm is coming, get them trimmed again. High winds can misplace loose branches, damaging a roof’s gutters and shingles.

Tip Four: Look Out for Damaged Shingles

Speaking of shingles, you should examine your roof for loose or missing shingles often. If any shingles are peeled back, have them replaced. Damaged shingles open the floodgates during a storm. While roofs are built to take a beating, shingles are easily damaged.

Tip Five: Check Out the Layers

The wood directly beneath a roof’s outer layer deserves attention. If it’s soft, you’re facing eminent water damage. Soft roof wood is indicative of pipe bursts. While this situation doesn’t necessarily mean your home will leak soon, it’s a big red flag. If you have soggy layers, get the pipes checked.

Tip Six: Inspect Your Attic 

It is smart to make attic inspections a regular part of your home’s maintenance. You can search for any signs of leaks or holes in your roof or signs of mold in your attic. You can look for gaps where sunlight comes through, warped wood, or fuzzy, tell-tale signs of mold. Make sure you wear a mask when inspecting your roof so you don’t breathe in insulation or mold spores.

Tip Seven: Check Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a common area prone to leaks. These areas are commonly found around skylights, chimneys, vents, different roof junctions, and places where the walls and roof meet. These areas need to be fitted properly; if not, water will find its way inside your home. While inspecting your roof or during a professional inspection, ensure all flashing areas are properly sealed.

Tip Eight: Install Drip Edges

A drip edge is a metal flashing that covers the edge of roofs to help control water flow away from the fascia and protect underlying roofing materials. If you already have drip edges, you want to ensure none are missing. Gaps between the fascia board and roof deck can allow water inside the house.

Tip Nine: Ensure Proper Ventilation 

The key to allowing warm air to escape your roof is proper ventilation. Vents in soffits can also help the cold air get inside the attic to displace the warm air. Proper ventilation also keeps your attic from getting too moist, which can cause mold and rot, weakening your roof’s wooden supports.

Tip Ten: Watch for Ice Dams 

During the winter, make sure you watch out for ice dams on your roof. Ice dams form when the snow and ice on your roof melt and then refreeze at the edge of your roof or gutters. Ice dams are dangerous for your roof, as they prevent melting snow from draining properly. Ice dams can be removed safely by professionals, such as Intelligent Design Corp, and help prevent future roof leaks.

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