From graduation parties to family gatherings, it’s finally time to prepare your home for all of the exciting events life has to offer. After a slow year of minimal visitations and plans, your home is likely due for some improvements. With summer in full swing, there has never been a better time to take on a remodeling project and get your space in line with all of the latest trends.

2021 Design Trends

Bright At-Home Offices

As more companies decide to transition to working from home full-time, beautiful at-home offices are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Maximize your productivity and comfort at home with a new, bright, and spacious office.


Natural lighting is a necessity while working from home. With big, new windows, you’ll be able to establish a space that’s perfect for getting work done. Additionally, you’re also going to need optimal space to spend several hours of the day. Consider renovating an attic or unused room to meet your office requirements.


Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

With everyone spending even more time at home, every aspect of your home should be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible — including your bathroom! Your bathroom should serve as a relaxing oasis right in your home. Old, worn down appliances, flooring, and designs can make it difficult to relax in the space. With a professional bathroom remodel, you’ll be able to establish a comfortable, safe, and inviting space in your home.


Optimal Natural Lighting

Create a welcoming and open space in your home with optimal natural lighting! Because outdated windows can be small and difficult to operate, installing new windows can help you light up your entire home while gaining easy access to fresh air and enhanced airflow. From double-hung to casement, there are a variety of window options to choose from.


Inviting Outdoor Spaces

In Minnesota, it’s important to get the most out of the warmer months! With a new and improved deck, you’ll be ready to spend every day under the sun. Decks are also excellent design trends in 2021, as they provide optimal space and comfort for gathering with missed friends and family.

Your Trusted Renovation Contractors

At Intelligent Design Corp, we provide professional contracting services capable of helping you establish the home of your dreams. From window installation to bath remodels, we have the tools and expertise necessary to help you get the most out of 2021’s best design trends.


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