As the temperatures continue to rise and the summer heat settles in for the season, homeowners must prepare for the challenges the warmer months bring. For homes with vinyl siding, summertime can be a particularly damaging time of the year. As a homeowner, you should keep an eye out for these potentially damaging conditions in order to keep your siding secure and protected.


Because siding plays a key role in keeping your home efficient and comfortable, you should contact a professional siding contractor as soon as you notice any damage to the surface. With a quick repair service or complete replacement, you’ll be able to maintain a durable and long-lasting home.

Effects of High Heat and Sun

Because Minnesota experiences a quick transition from freezing to hot temperatures, your vinyl siding is more susceptible to damage come the summer months. When the temperature and sunshine intensity starts to skyrocket, you may start to notice your vinyl siding start to warp, buckle, fade, or melt.


When vinyl siding becomes compromised by the high heat and sunshine, it can leave your home at risk of water damage and foundation deterioration. Additional heat from hot grills and barbecues can also cause your siding to melt. When you notice your vinyl siding starting to warp or distort, schedule a repair service quickly to prevent more severe and permanent damage to your home.

Hail Damage

Minnesota homeowners are familiar with recurring hail storms during the spring and summer. Unfortunately, vinyl siding can become easily damaged from large pieces of hail. Dents, chips, and cracks are common results of severe hail storms. Because this type of damage can leave your home vulnerable to moisture and foundation damage, you should take the time to closely inspect your home after a recent hail storm. If you notice damage on your siding, contact a reputable siding contractor as soon as possible for fast and professional repairs.

Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

If you want to avoid putting your home at risk of premature deterioration and damage, consider replacing your old, worn down siding with new material. You should also remember to schedule a fast siding repair service to prevent any damage from worsening.


At Intelligent Design Corp, we pride ourselves on our commitment to five-star customer service and siding solutions. If your vinyl siding becomes damaged this summer, contact the expert contractors at Intelligent Design Corp at 763-315-0745.