Between barbeques and outdoor gatherings, spending time on your deck is a must during Minnesota summers. In order to make the time on your deck as comfortable and productive as possible, you’ll need to address every area that requires repair. Recognizing the early signs of deck damage can also help you stay ahead of more severe issues down the road.


Rotting Wood

Rot can cause your deck’s foundation to deteriorate at a rapid pace. Because rot breaks down the deck’s structure, the deck isn’t safe to use and walk on. If you’re noticing your deck’s support beams, posts, and boards begin to rot, you’ll need to schedule a repair service as soon as possible.


Uneven Footings

Look for any indication of broken boards and footing on your deck. After several years of seasonal changes, your deck’s footing can shift and break down over time. Because bending and heaving footings pose a high risk for anyone who walks on the deck, you should schedule to have the area repaired quickly.


Cracks in the Boards

While a few minor cracks in your deck’s boards isn’t a major cause for concern, over time these cracks can develop in potential safety risks. Additionally, cracks in your deck are an eyesore and can prevent you from fully enjoying your deck. A few professional board replacements will enhance your deck’s security and appearance.


Loose Support Rails

Support rails are essential for keeping everyone safe while they’re walking around your deck. Loose rails are a safety hazard and may completely fall apart after time. If you’re noticing wobbly and unstable rails, promptly schedule a replacement service.

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