Between heavy rain, fast winds, electrical fires, and mold, plenty of disasters can befall your home. While natural disasters cause direct damage, even persistent rainfall can ruin a home’s interior, attic insulation, basement, and bedrooms. That’s why Intelligent Design Corporation is dedicated to restoring the homes of our Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area residents.

If you’ve encountered heavy storm damage—or even if you suspect your home has hidden damage—it’s wise to contact a restoration expert. Our disaster restoration team can remedy even the most damaged rooms. Check out our comprehensive list of disaster restoration options:

Storm Damage Restoration

Is your home a little worse for wear after having encountered high wind? What about prolonged seasonal showers? At first glance, your home might appear to be in great shape. Sometimes, however, even a few missing shingles can result in long-lasting damage.

Wind and hail damage are the most common household disasters. Both can destroy your home’s siding, roof, windows, and doors. If your home has encountered incredibly fast winds or heavy hail storms within the past two years, we definitely suggest contacting a disaster restoration expert.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Fire and water can destroy your home’s interior and exterior. Even a single electrical fire can ruin your home’s structural integrity—placing your family at risk. Water damage, meanwhile, can make the area beneath your tile, wood, or carpeted floor unstable.

Let us meet you at your home; our team can survey the damage before it becomes a critical issue. If necessary, we’ll give you the rundown on a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Insulation Damage Restoration

Even if a storm’s damaging impacts can’t be seen, they can still wreak havoc on your home. Insulation damage, particularly in attics and basements, can result in dangerous mold growth, structural issues and energy issues. If your HVAC unit isn’t as efficient, or if you’re spotting mold and mildew around the house, be sure to contact a contractor.

Restore Your Home Today

Intelligent Design Corporation has seen every type of home damage, so there aren’t many disaster cases we can’t handle. Our intuitive team can conduct one of our famous Home Energy Audits to determine the extent of any damages. Then, we can offer suggestions about the best disaster recovery options available.

Give us a call at (763)-315-0745 if you suspect your home has any wind, hail, water, or fire damage. Via our comprehensive home inspection process, we’ll make sure your home’s roof, siding, foundation, and insulation is intact. We check every room, providing homeowners with the in-depth, custom-tailored, restoration solutions they need.

As your leading siding and roofing company, our disaster restoration always surpasses the competition. Save money, time and stress by fixing up your home today. Here at Intelligent Design Corporation, we’re always prepared for the unexpected.