A homeowner has many responsibilities to ensure their house is comfortable and safe. Among other tasks, many homeowners must repair a leaky roof. Many owners wonder what causes a leak to develop. Being aware of the many causes behind leaky roofs can help you prevent it from happening to your own home.


●        Clogged or Broken Gutters | The purpose of your gutters is to direct excess water away from your home’s roof and foundation. When leaves and other debris clog gutters, they overflow with water. A leaky roof develops when the excess water damages your shingles and the foundation of your home.


●        Improper Attic Insulation | Your attic’s insulation prevents excess moisture and water vapor from developing. Poor insulation struggles to maintain the moisture, which causes your home’s foundation to break down. A leaky roof may result from the broken-down foundation.


●        Damage To Shingles | Broken and run-down shingles are another cause of leaky roofs. Similarly, metal roofs leak when there is a hole in the structure. Properly inspecting your roof or hiring someone to inspect your roof on a regular schedule will allow you to catch the damage before a leak develops. If you notice there is damage to your roof, call a professional at Intelligent Design Corp for repair services.


●        Old Age | Sometimes, the reason behind a leak simply comes down to the roof’s age. After several years of taking on various weather conditions and natural forces, a roof wears down and becomes more susceptible to leaks. If you think your roof is past its prime, contact Intelligent Design Corp for roofing replacement and installation services.


●        Improper Skylight Installation | Skylights are a common location for roof leaks. When the foundation around skylights wears down, rooks can develop around the crevices. Additionally, improper skylight installation can cause leaks to rapidly develop. For maintenance and repair around your skylight, contact Intelligent Design Corp today.


●        Soffit And Fascia Damage | When rodents and pests make their way into the fascia, it can cause the system to wear down and produce leaks. Additionally, soffit and fascia can experience water damage after several years. To prevent the system from developing any troublesome holes, inspect your soffit and fascia regularly.


Being aware of the reason behind your leaky roof can help you prevent it from happening again. From poor attic insulation to broken shingles, a leaky roof can happen as a result of a number of issues. If you think your roof is leaky or damaged, contact Intelligent Design Corp. We are happy to assist you with your roofing repair needs.