At Intelligent Design Corporation, we love our commercial providers, and we’re giving back to the community responsible for our success. We’re a premier commercial roofer based in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Between better energy efficiency, attractive storefronts and year-round protection, a single commercial roof installation can change your business’s experience.

Commercial roofing installation, replacement and repair each have their benefits, and a single workplace adjustment can completely redefine your budget. If you’re considering getting some commercial roofing work done, rest assured you’ll benefit from these money-related benefits:

●      Better Energy Efficiency

Installing a high-quality commercial roof can spare your business expensive utility bills. Commercial roofs are energy-efficient, and you have plenty of materials to choose from. Each material can reflect solar energy, which can keep your building’s lofty areas well-insulated. When your HVAC system doesn’t need to work overtime to regulate temperatures, your monthly energy costs decrease greatly.

●      Fewer Repairs

Did we mention the awesome fortitude of commercial roofing? Nobody wants to make continuous repairs; they cost a lot, delay business, and have plenty of side costs, such as worker protection, tied in. Of course, delaying important replacements can result in faulty roofs, leaks, mold, and mildew. But if you’re considering upgrading your workplace’s roof to something with better fortification, you’ll find you won’t need nearly as many scheduled repairs.

●      Better Safety

Roof damage is dangerous for customers and employees alike. Likewise, a sturdy commercial roofing installation can keep everyone safe. Your newest roof installation can prevent dust buildup, slippery floors, and dangerous mold growth, which means you’ll encounter far fewer liability claims. Even a simple roof inspection can make your business safer—assuring high-risk problems are prevented before they manifest into dangerous situations.

●      Year-Round Protection

Commercial roofing doesn’t only insulate your building from strong sun rays—it protects it from hail, wind, and even water damage. Why spend money on hail damaged roof repair? While it’s important to get your roof inspected every year, you won’t need to empty your pockets for otherwise unavoidable damages.

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