Knowing how to get the most out of your remodel, while saving money is difficult. When you choose the right contractor, they will work with you to learn your needs and make a plan. A good contractor will discuss the changes you want to make before creating a design that is cost-efficient and what you want. Before you choose a contractor for your home remodel, consider these tips from Intelligent Design Corporation.

Obtain the Proper Permits

Anytime a construction project gets underway, there are codes and ordinances that need to be taken into consideration. In order to meet code, detailed drawings and plans need to be made during the design phase so your contractors can attain the permits you need for your project. These designs will also guide your contractors to a satisfactory project completion.

Select Products That Work With the Big Picture

Selecting the products that will go into your newly renovated home can be exhilarating. However, it is important not to make your final decisions until you see how the project comes together. You might have thought one backsplash would look good with your new cabinets, but it doesn’t. Having multiple samples to choose from is important to getting the exact look you want.

Take Your Time to Find the Right Contractor

It can be difficult to fit your remodeling needs into both a budget and an appropriate time frame. When using a reputable home remodeling contractor, they will help you stick to your budget, finding you the products and designs that coincide with your needs. Additionally, you don’t want to alter your life too long for your remodel, so look for a contractor who works quickly and efficiently.

Prioritize Functionality in Addition to Style

When you envision your home remodel, you may see all these glorious new additions, but not necessarily consider whether these additions are functional. A good contractor will walk you through the functionality of what you want to add. If you want a better view of your deck or yard, for instance, you should have the functionally correct windows, doors, and screens that fit into this design, additionality adding aesthetic appeal.

Be Absolutely Sure About What you Want Done

Yes, you can theoretically change your contractor’s directive after the project gets underway. This is called a change order, and it’s a well-established thing in all sorts of construction industries, from residential to commercial. It can be somewhat relieving to have this option at your disposal, but take it from a provider of all sorts of home renovations: you don’t want to have to use it.


While more than a third of projects will experience change orders, according to Digital Builder, that doesn’t mean they aren’t detrimental to the speed and budget of a project. Indeed, they frequently require the contractor to backtrack, order in additional materials, or completely eliminate work they’ve already done for the client. Not only can this obviously push the project over budget, but it also can extend project timelines far beyond the original plan.


Good contractors know how to plan for change orders that are beyond anyone’s control, such as material shipping delays, but it’s in everyone’s best interests if you don’t contribute any unnecessary ones to the project. Be absolutely sure about what you want done before you sign your contract to make sure everything stays on-time and on-budget.


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Understand What Goes Into Your Contract

If you’ve discussed everything with your contractor and feel comfortable in their presence, you may be tempted to simply sign the document you’re presented with. Don’t! It’s crucial that you read it in detail—not for the sake of avoiding scams, as you’ve no doubt done your due diligence at this point, but for the sake of everyone involved with the project being on the same page.


While each contract is different, they tend to share some commonalities: payment schedule, planned start date, and the project’s scope and timeline. Knowing what your contractor has planned and resolving any discrepancies now will make for a smoother, more stress-free project down the road. The fewer surprises, the better!


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