When you’re getting your home remodeled, everything can seem to take too long. From mapping the designs to determining the best roofing material, there are no shortages of “obstacles” to your end goal of a freshly redone space!


At Intelligent Design Corporation, we understand your desire to get the renovation moving along, which is why we put together some tips to make the project move more swiftly.

Create a Realistic Budget

Your budget is the lifeline of your renovations. In fact, problems with the budget could cause a home improvement project to stop completely. To avoid this problem, it’s important that you establish a realistic budget before your general contractor begins working on your project. To ensure your budget is protected, many people include a contingency budget to ensure they have enough money to finance everything they want with their new renovation.

Prep the Site

Of course, you expect your general contractor to prepare most of the site you will be renovating. However, there are some aspects of site prep you can do yourself. For instance, if you are adding a room and you need a tree removed, you can hire a professional to take care of this without the assistance of a general contractor.

Hire Help for Post-Construction Cleaning

Another task that will help streamline your construction project is hiring a company to do post construction cleaning. Although you can have the construction crew clean up each day, it’s an expensive way to spend your money. Instead of relying on skilled talent to do tasks such as cleaning up the site, you can hire a professional to do this at a lower cost. If your construction site requires crew members to handle hazardous materials, then you will need to consider hiring a professional who is capable of managing hazardous waste materials.

Be Absolutely Sure About Your Design Choices

Design changes are time-consuming. Instead of asking for changes while project work is being carried out, you should ensure that everything you want for your new renovation is included before hammers begin to fly. When you make changes after the project starts, it costs more to incorporate those changes, and you will likely extend your project’s due date beyond the original date.


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Be Upfront

Good contractors know that theirs is a field in which the unexpected is all too common. They’ll therefore plan the timeline with potential holdups in mind. That being said, you should know that there are times in which your contractor will discover something unexpected about the project—Smartsheet cites unstable soil, for instance—that necessitates extra time for safety or legal reasons.


The best way to make sure you cut down on unexpected project delays? Be completely upfront about absolutely everything. Don’t sugar-coat. Your contractor will want to know exactly what they’re getting into so that they can provide you with an accurate timeline, and they cannot do either if you don’t give them correct information about the current jobsite circumstances. Though, like we said, sometimes factors that might take longer to work with are outside of your control, speaking up about your concerns to the best of your knowledge ahead of time allows your contractor to properly prepare, and therefore can shorten the remodeling’s timeline.

Hire a Quality Contractor

A speedy contractor is important, sure; you want the remodeling process to be as minimally disruptive to your day-to-day life as possible. But if speed is your sole concern, your project might actually take longer! A contractor whose only job is to get things done as quickly as possible will cut corners, unwittingly or otherwise; this will require them to go back and fix their errors, which in turn means more time spent. And if they don’t? You’ll discover these errors later on when your remodel doesn’t hold up as it should, which means you’ll need to call in for additional help.


Speed at the expense of quality just means you’re pushing required project time off until later on. When searching out a contractor, prioritize results just as much as speed. Though those results might take a smidge longer to come to fruition, they’ll be well worth it when you end up with a remodel that stands the test of time—and that is completed with your future free time in mind.

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