Putting money into your home to increase its chances of selling, and selling for a higher price, is a common practice in the real estate industry. After all, the more enticing you can make the space to buyers, the better a price you’re likely to fetch!


But not all home renovation projects are created equally, and the choice of what to spend your limited funds on can feel daunting. That’s why Intelligent Design Corporation is here to help. While resale values on investments vary depending on local trends and markets, here are a few that tend to be solid choices.

Residential Roofing: Perfect in the Right Circumstance

Roofs are hardy, long-lasting things; they last decades with the proper care, and with a variety of timeless styles available, they tend to age well cosmetically and trend-wise, too. The reason a new roof could be the right choice for your renovation is that, when a roof reaches a certain age, homeowners insurance tends to be leery about covering it.


This is for a variety of reasons, one of which being that, as a roof ages past this point, it’s likely to need more repairs and maintenance, which can be deterrents to buyers looking for a ready-made space. Avoid that hiccup with the help of roofing contractors, though, and you’ll attract buyers with your home’s physical integrity.

Interior Painting: Budget-Friendly and Bold

Few things can make a home look effortlessly more trendy and new than a brand new coat of interior paint. A lived-in space inevitably sustains dings and scrapes, and interior colors wax and wane in popularity over time.


According to Clever’s real estate blog, the best colors to paint your home to attract buyers are beiges, grays, and off-whites. While they may not be appealing to you, the site claims that you’re aiming to appeal to a broad audience and to allow potential buyers to “insert themselves—i.e. their belongings and tastes—into the space.”

Home Remodeling:  Bring Old Space Into the Modern World

Nothing stuns potential buyers more than modern appliances and a sleekly designed kitchen and bathroom. Though having such a space remodeled might be inconvenient as it’s unusable during this time, you won’t need to worry when you work with Intelligent Design Corporation! For example, we’ll construct a makeshift kitchen for your family in a separate room so you can enjoy meals together in peace, no matter what’s going on during the remodel.

Intelligent Design Corporation: The Best Home Remodeling in Maple Grove, MN

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