If you’re lucky enough to have space on your property for a deck, then you may find yourself tasked with the responsibility of creating a design. However, knowing how to design a deck isn’t always clear. Because you’ll want to personalize your deck to your specific preferences, there are several steps you’ll want to take beforehand. Follow these tips for designing and remodeling the deck you’ve always wanted.


Deck Location

Some homeowners prefer to install their new deck in their backyards for additional privacy. These designs can typically have a more open and spacious layout. However, front-yard decks appeal to many homeowners because of their enhanced views. A front-yard deck may require a layout with added privacy features to keep the area feeling secure, despite its exposed location.  As you start to plan your deck design, consider your preferred location and how it may impact the deck’s overall design and building requirements.


Focus on Your Specific Goals

While designing your deck, consider your overall goals and hopes with the new addition. Are you in need of a surface area for your grill? Do you intend to use your deck for hosting dinner parties and family meals? Or, perhaps you’re simply in need of a comfortable deck with sufficient shade from the harsh summer sun. By understanding what you hope to achieve with your deck, you’ll remember to include key features in your design.



Depending on your design, your deck may include stairs, plants, and furniture. When designing your deck’s layout, consider the amount of traffic that will pass through on a daily basis. Create walkways that accommodate the traffic and establish a consistent flow of movement.


You will also want to consider whether railings and ramps are necessary for your deck. Steep steps make navigation difficult for older guests, so you should consider making modifications to your design to meet your family and guests’ needs.


Unique Features

Do you plan to keep your plant collection on your new deck? Or perhaps you want to add an elegant touch to its appearance. From planters to overheads, there are endless features you can add to your new deck. Take a moment to consider the unique and customized aspects you’ll want in your design.


The Construction Group is Minnesota’s Trusted Deck Builder

The final step to making your deck design successful is hiring a reputable contractor that can get the job done! At The Construction Group, we bring five-star customer service and unmatched experience to every deck installation. We’ll ensure your new deck meets all of your design’s specifications and requirements, no matter what.


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