At Intelligent Design Corporation (IDC), we have been leaders in the siding business for more than 15 years. During that time, we have helped thousands of homeowners in the Maple Grove, St. Paul and Minneapolis areas enjoy their homes more. With its superior good looks, easy maintenance and ability to help a home become more energy efficient, contacting IDC to have siding added to your home is one of the smartest decision you can make as a homeowner.

Siding Repairs Done Right

Even though siding is one of the most durable exterior materials your can purchase for your home, it can still sustain damage. This most often occurs due to severe weather such as hail or when tree branches, or the like, are downed on the house. At IDC, our team offers professional siding repair services that get your home back to looking fabulous quickly and expertly.

Our Siding Repair Process

In order to provide you with the highest in professional service, IDC follows a systematic process when it comes to your siding repair. We approach this repair process with the mindset of leaving your home's exterior looking better than it did upon our arrival. This means that we take care to leave your shrubbery, landscaping, windows and outdoor furnishings unharmed and intact.

1. Our IDC representative conducts a thorough inspection of every inch of your siding. While some damage to it could be visually evident, there could be other blemishes and/or problems that are not immediately noticeable. With our trained eyes, IDC's professional team is able to discern even minute changes that could lead to major issues later.

2. We make sure that everything for your project is in writing, and you completely understand the process before we get started. At IDC, we take the time to answer your questions thoroughly.

3. At IDC, your complete satisfaction is our goal -- and we will not be happy with anything less. We don't consider the job finished until you are satisfied completely.

IDC prides itself on offering the best in home improvement services, including siding repair. Contact us today to get started!