Summer tends to be the favorite time of the year for people to do remodeling in their homes. It's easier to leave the windows open to let fumes out, and for some people, they have more ambition when the weather is pleasant. However, winter is a good time for certain remodels, so you can free up the time you have in the summer for outdoor projects. 


1. Install Hardwood Flooring

Varnishing your floors is obviously a job better left for a summer day when you can open the windows. However, installing hardwood flooring is an exciting project to take on during the winter months when you may be feeling restless. Not only will it free up time in the summer for you, but the dry winter air is beneficial to the flooring. It prevents gaps in the floor boards. The lower humidity reduces the chance for water damage. Plus, the cold winter air helps speed up the drying process of the adhesive. Once there's new flooring down, you might just save yourself money on your energy bills and not have to wear slippers since the newer flooring tends to be insulated better. 


2. Basement Remodel

Your basement may feel like a dungeon as of now. It might be cold and barren at the moment. However, you can create a space with a bar or a gaming area where you can spend the rest of winter escaping from the boredom of being trapped inside. Additionally, installing carpeting in your basement will keep it warmer. You might just see a change in your heating bills because of adding insulation and carpeting to the lowest level of your home. The winter air has less humidity. Therefore, there's less of a risk of mold forming in an area where it's exposed. 


3. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You prepare and eat meals there, possibly as a family, so why not add new life to the area for everyone to enjoy? It might just be something to help you beat those winter blues, especially if you have new cabinetry and flooring installed. It wouldn't hurt to update the color of the walls as well to enhance the appeal of the kitchen even further.  


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