Are you considering adding extra attic space above your current living space? Are you turning your attic into a finished home office, theater room, family room, or even a guest room? With careful planning and partnering with a home remodeling professional, you get the results you are looking for while adding living space to your home.


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1. The Purpose of the Renovation

What you plan to use the attic for will affect every facet of the renovation. Therefore, you need to establish the purpose of the renovation before you take the first step. Once you give the space a purpose, you can start working out the details of the floor plan and room design. Make sure the plans you have for the attic are feasible for the attic space, floorplan, and other room components.

2. Cost vs. Value

Converting an attic to a bedroom may give you a healthy ROI. According to real estate experts, you will recoup 72.5% of the cost of an attic remodel when you sell your home. This provides a higher ROI than almost all other home renovations.

3. Residential Building Codes

One code element that can make your attic remodel too expensive would be the ceiling height and floor space requirement, as well as sloped roof building codes. Before you start the project, you may want to consult with an Intelligent Design contractor to discuss whether your attic will meet the requirements, and, if not, how much additional cost it will add to your bottom line.

4. Design Considerations

When you work with one of our contractors, we can help you layout a floorplan that will work for the amount of space in the area. There are several factors  you will want to consider such as:


●        Stair head clearance and floorspace allowance

●        New window installation to meet code requirements

●        How much natural light you want in the room

●        Adequate ventilation for both summer and winter

●        Proper insulation to maintain home efficiency


5. Plumbing Installation

When adding a bathroom to adjoin your attic bedroom, make sure the floor joists can support the weight of your bathroom fixtures. Hire a plumber to connect all pipes and make any modifications to prevent problems down the road. Locating the bathroom near the home's main drain pipe can simplify the drain and vent pipe installations.

6. Storage Build-Ins

Instead of installing bulky dressers or standalone shelving units, recess your storage into the knee walls, or where the sloped ceiling meets the walls. Built-in drawers, shelves, closets and cubbies around the perimeter of the attic leave the usable floor space in the middle free for other furnishings.

7. Hiring a Professional

Although you can do a DIY on some home projects, remodeling the attic should be left up to a contractor. By hiring an experienced pro, you will avoid common mistakes that can trainwreck your project. A contractor can show where you can save money, as well as help you create a practical design for your room.

Attic Remodeling Professionals in Minneapolis

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