Summertime is the perfect time for you to remodel your backyard deck. With all the features that decks have to offer, you can create the ideal backyard experience for family or friends.


Intelligent Design help you conceptualize your wood deck from top to bottom. Below are a few ideas to get your project started.


Deck Decor and Design


Decorating your deck gives you an opportunity to transform the entire area into a space that truly reflects your sense of style and taste. When creating a new palette for your deck, try to create a design that fits in naturally with your surroundings.


For instance, observe the structure and style of your home exterior, as well as your landscape. If you were not entirely satisfied with how well the deck matched everything around your immediate backyard area, now is the time to rethink your ideas and cast a new vision for the layout.


Add Privacy to Your Deck Area


If you have an extended deck with plenty of living space, you may want to surround the deck with walls, fences, trees, or shrubs. One of the most popular privacy features is adding Asian-inspired panels on the corners across the entire front of the deck.


Other features worthy of consideration include trellises, lattice fences, or a privacy fence. If you are expanding your deck, you may want to build it up on the side of the house where lack of privacy is an issue.


Custom Deck Seating Anywhere You Want


One of the benefits of deck seating is that provides you with endless opportunities for you to accommodate your family or guests. Another advantage to built-in seating is that it keeps you from replacing lawn chairs year after you. It provides a more permanent solution.


Accessible seating may include L-shaped benches that contribute to the deck's unique design. L-shaped benches also offer more seating. If you’re not into sharp angles, then try curved seating. This works exceptionally well if the base of your deck is already curved. Other ideas include garden seating, trellis seating, and elaborate corner benches.


Deck Stain Colors


There’s no doubt that natural stains offer a timeless and warm look that transcends all home improvement trends. If you are tired of the standard, however, and want to diverge down your own path, you may want to try some alternate colors.


Beware, however, because colors either complement a home’s exterior or they turn into an irritating distraction. So pick your palette wisely. A good starting point would be to experiment with cool gray, woodsman blue fog, woodsman redwood, taupe, or orchard green. These colors help your deck blend in with the natural scenery.


Reinforce Your Deck’s Structure


While all of the above ideas will enhance your deck design, they only provide cosmetic solutions. Therefore, you should make sure that your deck is structurally sound before moving forward with your ideas.


An Intelligent Design contractor can inspect your deck and identify areas that need maintenance and upgrades. With strong support, you can move forward with your renovation, while creating a deck masterpiece you and your family will enjoy for many years.


Deck Installation and Remodeling From Intelligent Design


If you’re feeling a little creative this summer, Intelligent Design can help you breathe new life into your wood deck. We offer deck installation, remodeling, and replacement. We can help you build the deck you’ve always wanted for your home.


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