A home’s energy efficiency is determined by a number of factors.  Typically, the more insulation a household has—the better. Today’s homeowners are concerned about energy efficiency, and they should be. Depending on a home’s siding, the bill can rise of fall.


How Does Siding Impact Energy Efficiency?

Truthfully, no siding material can guarantee full energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is determined by R-value, which is a material’s ability to insulate energy. The higher a material’s R-value, the more energy efficient it is.


What R-Value Should You Look For?

Experts suggest installing siding with an energy efficiency of at least R-13. In a lot of areas, R-13 energy efficiency is required by building codes. Higher values, like R-15 and R-18, will guarantee an even higher degree of energy efficiency.


A lot of siding options have an R-13 R-value. Steel, vinyl and aluminum siding installed with foam insulation is your best bet. The foam insulation, itself, can make a tangible difference in a home’s energy efficiency. If you’re currently building a home, the extra costs associated with insulation installation are negligible when compared to overall energy costs.


What About Siding Replacement?

Under the right circumstances, siding replacement can save a lot of energy. Worn down, broken or otherwise overused siding can leave gaps in your home’s insulative “wall.” Plus, installing rigid foam insulation alongside a thinly sheathed exterior can enhance a home’s insulation.


Rigid foam insulation creates a continuous, house-wide, membrane. This membrane can restrict air flow within a home’s walls, improving overall cooling and heating system efficiency. Other vinyl siding options, meanwhile, can be installed to recover a worn-down area.


Cost and Making a Decision

Siding is an investment. That said, it’s often an investment which pays off. When choosing a siding option for your home, you’ll face a few factors. Your region, home style, and energy costs play a factor. Meanwhile, siding construction materials directly impact a home’s ability to “trap” air.


Weigh the costs before making a decision. If you want to save money, consider aluminum or wood siding. Both offer great insulation, and both are affordable. Intelligent Design Corp is here to help. If you need a quote, installation information, replacement information or design run-downs, contact us today by giving us a call at 763-315-0745. Our contractors have years of experience, and they’re capable of providing a variety of services—both big and small. Our philosophy is to maintain good tradesmen, vendor, and employee relationships. At every step of the way, your home comes first.

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