It pays off to know when you need repairs. Don’t wait: If you think your roof is breaking down, hire a contractor immediately. The Intelligent Design group is here to help, and we’re ready to restore weak areas, replace entire roofing sections and revitalize your home. If you’re running across the five bad signs below, you might need to contact a representative today. Stay safe, and watch out for these roof repair signs.


Bad Sign One: Gutter Waterfalls

Sure, gutters are responsible for collecting rainwater. They aren’t, however, made to be waterfalls. If your gutters are spouting water, you might have roof problems. Gutters can collect too much debris, overflowing into the yard. They can even pour into your home’s interior, damaging different areas. Fix the gutters first, but make sure weak roofing isn’t the flood’s cause.


Bad Sign Two: Algae

Are you experiencing algae growth in your bathroom, attic or upstairs rooms? Your roof might be collecting heat and moisture—meaning it might not be as secure as you thought it was. Algae love living on your roof. If it’s gotten inside, you might need to fix up your roof’s structural integrity.


Bad Sign Three: You’re Missing Shingles

Every roof loses shingles, eventually. Sometimes, however, missing shingles can result in leaky, blustery roofs. If you’re finding cracked, warped or buckled shingles, watch out. You might need deeper repairs. Check your roof’s gutters and downspouts, because rainwater and mold might’ve gotten beneath other shingles.


Bad Sign Four: Flashing Lights

If you’re seeing flashing lights in your chimney, skylights, and vents, your roof might be missing sections. Check these areas out, and make sure there aren’t any breaks or cracks. If there are, you might have unseen leaks. In older homes, flashing can be caused by roofing tar and cement. Regardless, you should check the area out.


Bad Sign Five: Blistering Paint

If your roof is poorly ventilated, it might harbor unwanted humidity and excess moisture. If this happens, your home’s paint can blister and peel. Fortunately, it’s easy to identify blistered paint. Don’t leave it alone, though, because blistered paint often reveals deeper structural issues.


In most cases, roof repair can solve your home’s structural issues. Your home’s roof is critical to its safety, integrity, and long-term use. If you’re seeing the warning signs above, don’t wait. Even a little moisture can result in mold growth. Similarly, small cracks and missing shingles can make ventilation problems worse. Whether you’re facing a hail damaged roof or simple damages, a roofing company can help. Contact a roofing contractor today, and get your home in order.