Behind every great roofing job is an intuitive, highly skilled worker. Your home deserves the best maintenance, and your roof deserves a lot of attention. At Intelligent Design, we believe every customer should stay informed, stay up to date and stay proactive about their upcoming roofing contract.


If you’re about to contact one of our professionals, consider asking the following questions. In doing so, you’ll be well-informed about the repair process while also helping our team be as informed about your desires and expectations as possible.


Question One: Will the Old Roof Be Removed?

Not every roofing job requires roof removal. That said, some do. A lot of roofers can save you time, money and effort by inspecting your roof beforehand. There’s a chance your roof might require removal before additions are installed. If you need to remove old shingles, consider asking this question. You’d be surprised how often roof removal is required.


Question Two: Is Drip Edge Metal Installation an Option?

Sometimes, an in-depth roof repair warrants drip edge metal installation. Drip edge metal is a section of aluminum placed along the roof. It extends beyond the edge, capturing water runoff. If you’re having a big repair job done, ask about drip edge metal installation. You might qualify for it, and your service provider can add it to your service order.


Question Three: What Will Happen During Bad Weather?

Sometimes, bad weather strikes. It can’t be avoided. It can, however, be approached proactively. Ask your contractor about their bad weather plan beforehand. In doing so, you can establish an effective service plan and know what to expect should anything arise.


Question Four: What’s the New Roof’s Warranty?

Depending on the depth of your repair or installation, your new roof section will come with a warranty. You should ask about this warranty, and you should make sure you’re prepared in the event of a disaster. Fortunately, roof warranties are spot-on regarding effectiveness. Still, you should double-check your warranty’s limits.


Question Five: How Will Your Landscaping Be Protected?

Your contractor will protect your landscape, but it helps to understand the extent of protection. Ask about specific details, and make sure you’re able to protect the shrubs, flowers, and trees. Ask about damage reparation, too, in the event of an accident.


Most roof repair and installation projects run smoothly. For your peace of mind, however, asking the above questions helps. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to ask, either. Your contractors are working hard, but they’re available for on-the-spot questions during the service day. Don’t be shy! Your contractors are here to help, and they’ll make sure you have peace of mind during every project.