The deck that you choose for your home is more than a spectacular place for you to relax and entertain. It also adds value to your property and is a feature point for buyers in the event that you want to sell it in the future. The following deck trends will make it stand out from the others in your neighborhood.


1. Go Round

Chances are when you first envisioned your deck, your thoughts centered on a project with square edges. The latest trend involves bending deck boards to fashion gentle curves with the results being a completely elegant and modern look.


2. Use Your Deck Nearly Year Round

The trend of today is centered on getting the most use out of your deck which means integrating new elements that help you deal with the elements. Adding built-in lights to your deck means that you can use it long after the sun goes down. Add a ceramic-style heater or a fire pit for warmth, and you can easily use your deck well into fall.


3. Add a Hot Tub to Your Deck

It's time to bring the hot tub closer to the action so you can enjoy it more. Rather than tucking the hot tub away and out of sight, consider building a place for it right in the deck. This provides a welcoming and relaxing environment that your family and friends will enjoy.


4. Make a Place to Cook

The deck is the perfect place to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. Doing so means that you don't have to leave the gathering to cook side dishes. With the addition of an outdoor kitchen under a covered area, you can also prepare food without worries even if the weather is less than perfect.


5. Pipe in Entertainment

Entertainment systems that are designed to be used outdoors make it easy to pipe in your favorite music or television shows. Building this element in when you're having the deck installed means integration is seamless and effortless.


6. Consider Long Term Effects

The weather enacts a toll on any material that is left uncovered. Wooden decks -- though they are popular for their lower costs -- will show their age more quickly. They require more maintenance in order to keep them looking good because of their exposure to the elements. Consider other materials that are designed to last with little upkeep.


At Intelligent Design, we work closely with you to design the type of deck that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more.