You are probably getting your property ready for winter here in Minneapolis. As you make your preparations, you may want to consider adding a deck to your home. Although it may seem counterintuitive to add a deck, the fall season is the perfect time to build a deck — especially if you missed it during the summer.


Below we go over all the advantage of adding a custom wood deck to your home just before winter. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, call Intelligent Design at 763-315-0745.

Flexible Scheduling

Most homeowners in the area schedule deck construction during the spring or winter. Our schedule can fill up quickly. In some cases, a client may have to wait several weeks before we begin construction.


However, if you schedule your project to begin in the fall, we may be able to help you complete it in less time. We recommend that you consult an Intelligent Design contractor sometime in the last summer so that we can ensure completion before the winter months.

Less Damage to Your Yard

The ground around your home is soft during the summer due to heat and moisture. The most careful contractors can still damage your yard during the process. However, the ground hardens as the temperature drops during the fall and winter months. We are less likely to hurt the ground around the project.

The Deck Will be Ready for Next Spring

While other homeowners are building their decks, your deck will be ready just in time for spring and summer backyard activities.


You’ll have all winter to decide how you want to decorate your deck and what components you want to add. By the time the weather warms back up, you’ll be able to enjoy your deck right away.

Save Money on Out-of-Season Products

Many manufacturers and retailers offer reduced prices or discounts for purchasing supplies out-of-season. You can shop around for the supplies you want and save money on deals that you may otherwise not get during peak pricing seasons.


Our contractors can answer any questions you have about products and give you some tips on finding the right deals without sacrificing quality. You can use the money you save for another project.

You’re Not Doing Anything Else This Fall

If you are like most homeowners, you start winding down your home and yard improvement project to prepare for winter. However, building the deck during the fall season allows you to get one more project in before the winter.


Building your deck in October or November will keep from adding to your to-do list next summer. You’ll have more time to enjoy your deck instead of working on it.

Professional Deck Builders in Minneapolis

If you are ready to move forward with building your deck, let Intelligent Design help you with the planning and implementation. We can sit down with you and go over the design. We can also build the deck precisely the way you want it. We offer a wide range of services including roofing, decking, and siding installation.


To schedule a consultation with an Intelligent Design contractor, call us at 763-315-0745. You can also message us on our contact page.