In Maple Grove, Minnesota ice storms are common during the winter. Ice dams and thick sheets of ice can build up on a roof and cause considerable damage. Although ice damage is common, most homeowners are completely unaware that it is occurring. For this reason, you should have your roof inspected every spring once the snow and ice melt away.


The Destruction That Ice Dams Can Do to Your Roof

Ice dams appear on the roof when temperatures are at or just below freezing. When rain or snow gathers on the roof, the heat from inside of the house causes the ice to melt. The ice along the edge of the roof, called a fascia, however, is unaffected by the heat and so it remains. The melted ice trickles toward the dam and re-freezes. The dam continues until it becomes increasingly heavy and difficult to remove.


Ice dams can cause serious damage to the fascia because the structure is not built to withstand the amount of weight. If ice dams continue year after year, parts of your roof may need to be replaced in order to reinforce the entire roofing system.


Get Your Roof Inspected

When winter is over and the ice has finally melted, you should contact a licensed and experienced roofing contractor to perform a thorough evaluation of the roof. What do contractors look for during an inspection?

●        Cracked, creased, or missing shingles

●        Warped framework or decking

●        Improper ventilation due to broken or blocked vents

●        Granules washed off of asphalt shingles

●        Flashing or chimneys which have lost their seal

●        Corroded or disconnected gutters

●        Leaks and open areas in the roof

A roofing contractor can identify areas in your roof that have been weakened by snow and ice. From there, they can help you find solutions for reinforcing your roofing system and protecting your home.


Do Not Hesitate to Get Your Roof Repaired

If snow or ice has damaged your roof, then you need to have it repaired right away. The longer you wait to repair your roof, the more expensive the repair will be. Damaged roofs often have areas where leaks can get through. A leaky roof can cause even more damage inside the home, thus, extensive repairs that could cost you more money in the long run.


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