Your roof might be big, but it can pack hidden dangers. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to look for blatant holes and big leaks. By understanding the subtle signs of roof damage, you can protect your home from ongoing problems. Check out the hidden signs of roof damage below, and save your home from big damages and expenses.


Warning Sign One: Look for Curling Shingles

Curled shingles, buckled edges and flapping corners deserve your attention. Look at your rooftop’s slopes. If the shingles aren’t looking so hot, you may have deeper problems. Shingles exposed to direct sunlight, over the years, can wear down. If they start curling, your roof’s underside can be exposed.


Warning Sign Two: Check for Roof Valleys

If your roof is missing shingles entirely, you may need a new roof. Roof valleys are areas where shingles have either worn away or were removed. Snow, rain and other materials frequently travel through these valleys—eventually landing in the gutter. Without protection, however, these valleys can erode. They can harbor mold, riddled with holes.


Warning Sign Three: Look Up Your Chimney

Oddly enough, you can check for roof damage through your chimney. Look into your chimney. If it’s flashing, there are holes, blank spots and weak points. Even worse: These areas may not be above your roof’s level. They may be at your roof’s level, meaning your roof has holes, itself.


Warning Sign Four: Check Your Gutters

If your roof’s materials are wearing down, they’ll end up in the gutters. Check your gutters for shingle granules. Roofs, often, lose shingle granules towards the end of their life cycle. If your roof is sporting darker colors in certain points, it’s another warning sign. Check your home’s credentials, too, and locate your roof’s building material. If you’re finding tar elements, for example, your roof might be sustaining deeper damages.


Warning Sign Five: A Higher Electric Bill

Check your utility bill. Has it been rising in recent years? A higher utility bill may be the result of less insulation. If your home’s roof is getting damaged, it might be letting out cold—and hot—air.  Have a professional inspect the area’s insulation, and ask them about average annual utility costs.


Your roof is incredibly important to your home. If you suspect roofing damage, don’t wait. Get it checked out, and have a professional provider conduct any repairs as soon as possible. Request a free quote from Intelligent Design today!