Are you getting ready to remodel your old kitchen into the one you’ve always wanted? Then why not go all the way with some radical ideas from Intelligent Design? We work with homeowners every day and have seen amazing transformations take place in kitchens across Minnesota. If you’re having trouble coming up with a concept for your kitchen, below are ten ideas to help spark your creativity.


1.       Open Your Kitchen Up. If you want to replace the old cabinets, but still feel a little cramped in the kitchen, then opt for shelving instead. Shelving still allows you to place items where you want, but open up your kitchen and make it look bigger.

2.       New Appliances. Nothing defines a kitchen remodel quite like brand new appliances. Although you can mix and match your appliances all you want, your goal should be to purchase matching appliances for a more cohesive design.

3.       New Handles and Knobs. Brand new handles and knobs on the cabinet doors and shelves give you kitchen a finishing touch. Rather than going old-fashion, try some fresh silver knobs.

4.       Design Your Tile. Let’s face it; predictable tile that is all the same color is uninspiring at best. Sit down with a floor designer and come up with a radically cool original concept for your tile floors.

5.       Don’t Forget to Look Up. Just like the floor, your kitchen ceiling often gets the shaft during the design phase. Add some classy trim to your ceiling, or go with some stylish ceiling tile.

6.       Don’t Go Cheap with Wall Splash. The wall splash is always in the center of the action. Be sure to invest in wall splash material that is durable, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant. There are lots of designs to choose from.

7.       Get a Fresh Coat. Paint is always a budget-friendly and surefire way to revitalize the look of your home. Before going with standard colors, find out which colors truly suit your taste and personality.

8.       No More Loud Cabinets. You can now install soft-close hinges for your cabinets and quiet glides for your shelves. Quiet hinges and glides give you a more serene experience in the kitchen.

9.       Install Larger Windows. Everyone loves a bright, cheerful kitchen. Although you could add more lighting to the room, we recommend installing larger windows and allowing more sun to shine through.

10.    Add a Bar. Instead of just adding countertops, design a new bar to fit somewhere in your kitchen. By doing so, you’ve just added some extra seating space for your family. Everyone in your household will love spending time around the bar as they’re eating.


Got ideas for your kitchen? We can help. Contact Intelligent Design today and let us help you launch your brand new kitchen remodeling project. We offer comprehensive kitchen renovation. Call us at 763-315-0745 or send us a message online!