Decks are a wonderful addition to your home whether they incorporate daily activities with your family or offer a luxurious spot to entertain guests. Unfortunately, many new homes are built with a fairly small, generic, deck to complete the house rather than incorporate the needs of your home. There are solutions in that a deck can be expanded, customized, or upgraded to suit your needs.


Deck Replacements, Extensions, and Patio Systems

Deck extensions are a relatively simple job, it simply requires building additional deck space to what is already there according to local building code and provides more space to your existing deck. The new deck can be built in such a way as to match your existing deck so the design appeal remains constant without a noticeable difference between the existing deck and the new one.

If the deck is tall enough, patios can be built underneath to add even more space. Another option is to add a secondary stairway which leads to a different patio space as an area where you can conduct different activities whether a designated cooking area, a place to sunbathe privately, or enjoy a good book.


Customized Deck Options (seating, hot tub, kitchen)

Another option for decking is to include benches and tables to provide seating and a comfortable area to spend time in. For the cooking enthusiast, there are means of building a substantial outdoor kitchen into a deck. If you prefer to spend your time outdoors relaxing, a hot tub can be installed which does require additional support underneath the deck in order to maintain the weight of a hot tub.


Creative Designs and Builds

Regardless of traditional deck usages, there really is no limit upon the imagination or what your creativity may want for a deck's purpose to serve. Layered decks can serve as a living room, dining room, and kitchen when properly designed to designate such spaces. Hobbies can be incorporated into a deck build, outdoor speaker systems can allow for music to flow, or televisions can allow all the games to play while grilling and simulating a tailgate party on game day.


Anything you can imagine for your deck and enjoyment of being outdoors can happen with proper thought, design, layout, and a contractor who understands what you want built. There's no reason to languish inside when your house can have a beautiful deck system built which increases your enjoyment of the home and adds value should you ever decide to sell.