Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to add a new deck. The weather is perfect, and everyone is looking forward to a great bar-b-que. If you are in the market for a new deck, then there are a few things you should consider when it comes to getting the perfect deck for your household.

Choose the Material You’ll Need for Your Deck

Although wood is a popular option, it’s not the only choice when it comes to building a deck. You have a plethora of materials you can choose from, including vinyl, composite, and aluminum. Before you decide what your next deck will be made from, it’s important that you consider each option. Each option comes with pros and cons, so you should research each to determine how effectively each option meets your needs.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Standard Designs

Of course, you’ve seen the traditional designs for decks. However, over the years, deck installers have become more creative. From circular decks to integrated decks, there are many custom decks that help accentuate your home. To get the look and feel you need, work with your deck specialist to create a deck that truly reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Keep Your Deck’s Function in Mind

When it comes to choosing a deck, how you will use your deck must be a deciding factor. Of course, you’ll use it for quaint get-togethers, but if you envision using it for elaborate, elegant dinner parties, then you must plan for that too. Start by considering how big you’d like your deck to be so that you’ll always have enough room to entertain your guests.

Protecting Your Deck

Regardless of what deck you choose, you must always protect your deck. If you opt for a wooden deck, then it’s important to treat your wood to prevent insects and other critters from damaging your deck. With that in mind, you have to decide in advance if your are up willing to take on the steps necessary to protect your deck.


Even if you choose a composite deck, you have to ensure that you are up for maintaining it. Although composite decks are not susceptible to rot, you do have to maintain it throughout the year. If you fail to clean it, then you’ll undermine its longevity. So choose wisely, and make sure you choose a deck that you can maintain and protect.


At Intelligent Design, we can help you choose the deck that’s perfect for your home. Whether you want a custom deck or a traditional deck, our deck specialists are here to help you get your home party-ready.