During the winter months, the last thing that may be on a homeowners’ mind is installing new doors and windows; however, this is the best time of year to do so. Beyond having a fresh, new look for spring, our team at Intelligent Design Corp has found a host of benefits to installing new doors and replacement windows in the winter, including the following:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Many households use more energy during the winter months, compared to energy consumption during other seasons. As such, they increase their utility bills, which can be a strain on a household’s budget. Fortunately, by getting new doors and windows during the winter, you eliminate drafty windows and doors and immediately reap the benefits of having a tighter home.

A Tighter Fit for New Doors and Windows

Scientifically, most solids expand when they are exposed to heat and contract when they are cooled. As such, installing a door or new windows during the winter will give you a better fit during the summer months. With the supplies smaller during the winter months, you’ll find that your home will have a snug fit all year-round.

Faster Installations

Another reason you should install new doors and windows during the winter is to ensure that your project is completed faster. During the winter months, many home improvement companies aren’t busy because many homeowners wait for the warmer months to make home improvements. As such, when you schedule new doors or replacement windows in the winter, it’s possible you won’t have to wait weeks to get the project started.

Additionally, due to frigid temperatures, your project will be completed faster. Most people want to remain warm during the winter months, and that same premise holds true when it comes to construction crews. The natural tendency to keep warm will help keep most construction crews focused on getting the job done so that they can return indoors where it’s warm.

Winter Promotions Save Money

Finally, with the winter months being notoriously slow for home improvement companies, it’s possible to reduce the cost of your new door install or window replacement project by taking advantage of new promotions. Since promotions are designed to drum up business, you should ask your home improvement contractor about any winter promotions they are offering.

Reduce energy costs and improve the look of your home by installing new doors and windows in the winter. To get the process started, contact us at Intelligent Design Corp, to schedule a window or door assessment today.