Though roofs have a reputation for being strong—and they sure are!—wintertime here is enough to do in any home’s exterior if it isn’t prepared. From chaotic freeze-thaw cycles to heavy snow and frigid wind chills, your roof is up against quite a bit in the colder months.

But don’t fret; Intelligent Design Corporation is here to help. We’re commercial roofing and residential roofing pros, and as a Minnesotan company, we know just what to do to get your home through this tough part of the year.

Take Care of Storm Damage Repair

Though summer—storm season—may be over, its damaging effects can linger if they aren’t properly and fully taken care of. If left until wintertime, they can open your attic up to moisture damage via the form of leaks and ice dams, and the mold that can follow isn’t something any family deserves to deal with.

The preventative pre-wintertime action? Have a storm restoration pro climb up to your roof for a quick inspection before the first frost. They’ll be able to safely and quickly locate any weak spots and make your roof the impenetrable, weatherproof shield it should be.

Clean Your Gutters

Quite a few exterior facets that are roof-adjacent, so to speak, have great influence over the health of your roof—and gutters are no exception. You need to clean these, at minimum, once before the cold sets in, though we recommend multiple times, as leaves don’t fall from the trees all at once.

Why? Well, clogged gutters are an easy way for your home to get what’s called ice dams. Though Intelligent Design Corporation is proud to offer ice dam removal, it’s best to not deal with these menaces in the first place. Check out this article from the UMN extension to learn more about them.

Check Out Your Roofing Ventilation

Your roof isn’t necessarily airtight; many these days are made with vents that help moist air circulate through them, thus preventing damaging moisture buildup. If these vents are covered by insulation, though, warm air from your heated home gets trapped in your attic, resulting in water damage and mold formation.

All roof vents should be uncovered by insulation. If you’re unfamiliar with your attics pace and what it “should” look like as far as ventilation goes, don’t hesitate to call a roofing company to show you the ropes.

Intelligent Design Corporation: Roofing Contractors for the Welfare of Your Home

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